DRESS, CLIP and TAG your...

sunglasses, iPod wires, scarf, business card, money, sarong, poncho, flat boots, jacket, t-shirt or your summer dress while cycling

The NOMONRO Dress Clip is a worldwide unique fashion accessory that you can use to keep your outfit in check. From a fly-away dress when cycling, scarves with a mind of their own, loose-hanging iPodwires and stray sunglasses. But of course, the NOMONRO Dress Clip is also great to wear as an eye-catching accessory on you jacket or jumper. Enless variations are possible and you can tag any outfit. DRESS, CLIP and TAG your...

After a beautiful time inventing the NOMONRO Dressclip in 2008 I will stop selling NOMONRO at the 1th of July due to my new passion in research and development. I can't give the right attention and time to the product anymore. Thank you still for your enthousiasme and interest during the past years.   

And if you are in fashion and interested to continue selling and  developing NOMONRO plese feel free to ask.


  • Nominated for Best Fashion Accessory VROUW AWARDS 2011 by Addy van den Krommenacker, Johanna Doberitz and Michou Basu
  • Nominated for the Cycling Innovations Award 2010 (FietsVak 2010)
  • 23rd place MKB Innovation Top 100 2010 (Syntens)
  • Viva 400 (2010)

Remember the dress that flies up and exposes Marilyn Monroe’s legs as she stands over a New York City subway grate in “The Seven Year Itch”? This iconic picture is the inspiration for our brandname NO-MONRO


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